Boosting Your Chances At Winning A Slip And Fall Case


If you have recently fallen down inside a store, sustaining intense injuries as a result, you will most likely want to file a personal injury claim to try to receive monetary compensation for damages. Filing a personal injury claim can help pay for your medical expenses and any lost wages due to you not being able to work. There are a few things you can do to boost your chances in convincing a judge that you deserve to be awarded compensation.

Get Medical Help

Hopefully you had called an ambulance as soon as you became injured, getting medical help right away. Follow all instructions given by your doctor completely, including getting your prescriptions filled. If you fail to follow medical directions, it will appear as if the injury was not as damaging as you had tried to make it seem. The store's attorney will be able to use this information against you.

Be Descriptive

When asked what type of pain you are feeling, tell your doctor exactly how the injury feels. Generalizing it to just pain is not enough to determine what had happened due to the fall. If you describe the pain as "tingling with a numbing sensation" or "as if a million razors are slicing my skin," they will be better prepared to help you with specific methods to ease the pain. They will use this information to prove that the pain was caused by certain movements of the body, making it much more believable that it happened due to water on the ground or something in the way in the store, and not an injury caused by yourself.

Get Visual Proof

Go back to the scene of the crime to take photographs of the area to help prove that something was wrong that caused your fall. If there are obstructions or uneven flooring, take photos. Do this as soon as possible after your injury. It is best to do this right when the injury happens, if possible. Have a family member go back to the store to take photos if you are unable. If there were people in the store with you, track them down to use them as witnesses.

Have your attorney find out if the store has surveillance tapes of the occurrence. If the store will not share footage because of the lawsuit, your lawyer may be able to request it be released for viewing during your court appearance. To learn more, contact a business like Wolfley & Wolfley, P.S.


14 May 2015

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