No Income After Getting Injured In A Collision? How A Lawyer Can Assist


Are you struggling to make money after getting injured in a collision that made it difficult for you to work? You can file a lawsuit against the other driver for your loss income if he or she was responsible for the accident. Find out below how a lawyer can help you get through your financial situation by proving that you deserve to get paid, along with what you will be charged for services.

How Can a Lawyer Help a Collision Victim Get Paid in a Lawsuit?

Your case will begin with the lawyer determining whether you caused the accident or not. He or she will get the accident report and do an investigation by going back to the collision scene. It may be necessary for you to go to the collision scene as well to point out exactly what happened when the other party collided with your vehicle. The lawyer will likely want to make a detailed diagram that can be used when your case is argued in court.

Your injuries will be the next thing that the lawyer focuses on proving. He or she will first have to get medical documents that shows you were injured and getting treated. You must also explain how the injury has affected your life, such as the ability to work, get around and take care of basic daily needs. You may be able to get paid long-term stipends depending on the severity of your injury and how long you are expected to be treated. You can count on your lawyer to also assist with getting paid for things such as:

  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability accessories for your home
  • All medical bills pertaining to the injury

What are the Estimated Charges for Legal Help?

It is not likely that you will be charged any money in advance for legal assistance, as injury collisions are often worked on a contingency basis. Basically, your lawyer will charge a percentage of what he or she helps you win in the lawsuit. The percentage will usually average up to 40%. You will not be charged anything if you don't get paid in court. Keep in mind that the case can also be settled out of court, which may lead to the lawyer requiring a smaller percentage of your winnings.

Don't allow your financial situation to become worse by holding off on suing the party responsible for your situation. Contact a collision lawyer at Knochel Law to help you get paid what you deserve!


18 May 2015

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