Tips for Dividing Possessions During a Divorce


If you are thinking about getting a divorce, you might wonder how you are going to divide up the personal possessions that you and your partner share. This can be an action that is fraught with difficulty. It could cause a lot of strife and, in the worst case, could result in your divorce having to go to court rather than being settled between you, your attorney, your partner, and his or her attorney. This can be more expensive in the long run. To avoid this, here are some tips for amicably dividing up possessions during a divorce.

1. Remove All Items Owned Only By One Person

Your first step is to make a list of all of the expensive or valuable items in your home. Then, cross off all of the items that were gifts from one party to another or were a result of inheritance. These items are owned only by one person, and the other member of the partnership has no rights to them. You should be left with a list that has only items that are jointly owned. Consider having an attorney with you when your partner and you determine the final list of items whose ownership needs to be decided.

2. Choose Your Method

There are two main methods for dividing up jointly owned possessions in a divorce. The first is to start with one person choosing one item and then the other person choosing another. Continue until all of the items are gone. This can feel fair and allows for some communication. It also increases the chances that people will get the items that are most valuable to them.

A second option is to assign every item a dollar value and then divide it up that way. For example, if both people want to take the couch, you could put a value on the couch and then have one person buy off the other person's share of the couch. The same can go for expensive jewelry and other valuables. This might not go as well for items that are valued for only sentimental reasons.

3. Divide the Sentimental Items

Finally, have your attorneys help you and your partner create a compromise with regard to the sentimental items in your home that have no true dollar value. Having outside mediators will help you come to a fair compromise.

For more information, talk to attorneys in your area to find one who is a good fit for you.  


15 September 2016

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