Be Prepared: Filing For Disability Benefits


Getting approved for Social Security benefits is all about proof. Unfortunately, being too sick to work at your job is only the beginning of the journey toward getting the Social Security Administration (SSA) to approve you. Before you apply, you can take steps to help ensure that your claim will be approved quicker and more successfully. Read on learn more about the key things to do to ensure that you will get approved for the help you need without delay.

Do you have enough work credits? The SSA uses this term to describe how much work you need to have under your belt to earn benefits. The Social Security deduction you see on your pay stub represents money that you have been putting away for just this occurrence: the inability to work at your job. While the amount you have put in is only a representative figure, the SSA uses how much you have earned in a certain amount of time to determine whether or not you may be able to get benefits and how much you will receive when you do.

This issue can be a bit complicated, but you can access your benefits by registering online at the Social Security website and see the predicted amount of your disability benefits as well as your estimated retirement benefit. Your account updates each year with information from your tax filings.

Does your illness meet the requirements? Once you know you have enough work credits, you must then consider your medical condition. The SSA only recognizes certain conditions and you must be ready to show that your condition has made it impossible to do your job for at least the past year, or that it will for a year in the future.

Can you provide proof of your disability? The proof that the SSA needs to see is that you have been to the doctor for your condition and that you are being currently treated for it. In some cases, the SSA will request medical records and have you undergo a consultative exam to prove that you have the condition you claim to.

Are you ready to provide previous work information? The SSA will request an extensive amount of information about your previous positions, such as the contact info for your supervisor, the pay and your job duties. The SSA will also be looking at your education history, so be ready with high school and secondary education details for the application.

When your claim gets denied, don't give up. This is the most important preparation to make. Most initial Social Security claims are denied for one reason or another. Be ready for this and take action fast by contacting a Social Security attorney right away. You have a right to an appeal, and you must meet the deadline for filing this appeal or start all over again. Speak to an attorney today and have the help and support you need to get through this process successfully. Companies like Attorney John B. Martin Law Offices can help you with more information.


10 April 2018

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