Arrested With Prescription Drugs? What You Need To Know


Prescription drugs represent the new frontier in illegal drugs. While these drugs are safe to use when prescribed by a medical provider, they can lead to severe injury and even death when they are taken illegally. For this reason, the authorities have little tolerance for those individuals who distribute these substances illegally. If you have been charged with a prescription drug-related crime, you must understand the magnitude of the situation you face. 

Drugs Are Drugs

The type of drug that you are arrested with does not matter. What is more important to the authorities is the fact that you are in possession of a medication that has not been prescribed to you. On its own, this factor is enough to leave you criminally vulnerable. 

If someone has told you that you have nothing to worry about because you haven't been caught with a hard drug, make sure you do not listen to this false information. If you minimize the situation and don't take it seriously, you could end up behind bars 

Treatment May Be an Option

There is a common belief that the criminal justice system is all about punishment, but this idea is not accurate. The first responsibility of the justice system is to uphold the law, but it's also intended to rehabilitate. If you were arrested with a prescription drug and you are battling addiction, jail may not be the best solution for your specific need.

The court understands this idea and often offers rehabilitation programs for people who struggle with addiction. In some instances, in place of a jail sentence, you will be mandated to complete a treatment program. 

Quantity Matters

All charges are handled on a case-by-case basis. While the court system uses several determinants to decide the fate of a person charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs, quantity is undoubtedly a factor. The more of the medication you have in your possession, the higher your risk for harsh punishment. 

One factor that often correlates with quantity is the intent. For example, a person with a high volume of pills on their hands would have a hard time convincing a judge that the tablets were to support their own addiction and not for sale. Possession with the intent to distribute is a more severe crime.

If you have been arrested with prescription drugs, it's essential you hire an attorney like Cheryl Brown Attorney at Law. An attorney will ensure your rights are protected and help you resolve your case in the most favorable way available. 


23 July 2018

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