Child Custody Tips To Help Guide You


Divorces can be a terrible thing, or they can be a wonderful thing, but when kids are involved, it can at times get ugly. If you don't follow the guidance of your lawyer and try to take matters into your own hands, you could make matters worse for you and for your children. To help guide you during your child custody case and beyond, read on for tips.

Work Together

You need to work together with your ex to ensure your children have everything they need and have both parents in their lives. This may sound a lot easier than it actually is to do, especially if you don't get along with the other parent, but you do need to try your best. Work together as much as possible, be cordial with each other, never fight in front of your children and if need be, keep all communication between your lawyers if you just simply cannot get along.

Remember It's About Your Children

You may want to always have your kids on their birthday or on holidays, but you may not always have them. Most parenting schedules allow you every other holiday or every other birthday. Don't try to make your children feel bad that they aren't with you, and don't put this on the other parent either. Instead encourage your child that they will have a wonderful time with the other parent and that you will do something special with them when you have them again. Parenting time isn't all about you, it's about your children.

Keep Finance Information To Yourself

If the other parent isn't paying their support, this is your business, not your child's. You should never share this information with your children or tell them that they aren't allowed to see the other parent until they pay up. All information money related should be kept to yourself and to your lawyer (and the other party) - nobody else needs to have this information.

Keep All Negative Feelings To Yourself

Talk to your girlfriends about your ex and what you have been through with them, this is not a conversation to have with your kids. You are only going to stress your kids out and could end up turning them against you rather than the other parent. Your kids are not your friends and they are not your therapist. Talk to your kids about kid related things.

If you are going through a custody case, it can be a lot to have to deal with. Remember that your kids should come first, encourage them to be with the other parent. Contact a law office, like Hart Law Offices, PC, for more help in negotiating custody arrangements.


23 January 2019

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