Some Major Bankruptcy Steps


The most stressful part of declaring bankruptcy is deciding whether to file or wait. Once you make that decision, you only need to hire a lawyer dealing with bankruptcy applications to guide you through the process. They will assist you in filing the paperwork and approach the procedure correctly to boost your success. Your attorney will then explain what to expect in the following stages when filing your bankruptcy.

Getting Legal Help

Although you don't have to hire a lawyer when filing for bankruptcy, failure to have one can worsen your situation. Their most important duty is to advise you on what to do and avoid as you prepare to declare bankruptcy. For example, your legal advisor will mainly discourage you from transferring your assets to a friend or family member. They will also ask you to avoid paying off the wrong creditors because such mistakes can lead to a denial of your application. The judge might also punish you, especially if they believe your errors were intentional. That's why you need legal guidance to avoid doing something that might mess up your application or get you into trouble with the authorities.

Completing the Paperwork

Filing documents and gathering the necessary information is often the most time-consuming part of filing for bankruptcy. You must attach all the documents the court requires and provide sufficient and accurate information. Failure to do so can make you fail to qualify for bankruptcy. Besides, providing inaccurate information can make you spend time in jail. The judge might assume that you wanted to defraud the court, and the bankruptcy trustee will recommend a harsh punishment for the crime. Some documents the court may request include a list of all your personal belongings. In addition, you need to provide a list of your debts, income statements, tax return records, and a certificate from an accredited credit counseling agency.

Eligibility Confirmation and Discharging Debts

The bankruptcy trustee will go through your documents to determine whether you are eligible for the chapter you indicate in your application. Your case will proceed if you meet all the requirements. However, you can choose a different chapter if you don't meet the qualifications for the one you file under. A successful application will protect you against your creditors after the court discharges the debts you cannot manage to pay back by the repayment period allowed by the court. 

Contact a bankruptcy lawyer for more information. They will take you through the filing steps and tell you what to expect. They will then guide you through the legal process to boost your chances of success.


27 June 2022

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