Clear Indications Of Malnutrition In An Eldercare Facility And The Legal Steps To Take


Most elder care facilities offer satisfactory and quality care to their residents. However, some don't offer the care that senior citizens require. For instance, they fail to provide the elderly with a proper diet, which makes them weaker and vulnerable to diseases. This is unlawful, and you can sue the facility and their caregivers for offering your loved one a poor diet.

Here are some malnutrition signs you need to look out for in your relative admitted to an eldercare facility and how an attorney can help you seek justice if you detect negligence.

Sudden Weight Loss

The first indication of malnutrition is sudden weight loss, recognizable through belts and clothes. Your loved one could be malnourished if their outfits or belts seem looser than before. While weight loss isn't the only sign of being malnourished, it's the primary indicator that your relative is not having enough food. It could also mean a lack of a balanced diet.

Therefore, this sign calls for the attention of an attorney. They will investigate and gather evidence to prove that the facility has not offered your loved one the necessary care. Usually, they will interrogate other elders at the facility to know whether they have experienced the same problem. This information will enable your attorney to prove that the working staff has not been offering the care the elderly require. 

Other Signs of Malnutrition

Naturally, your relative will lose appetite if the caregivers do not offer them a balanced diet or appealing meals. Usually, without a proper diet, your aging loved one will take longer to recover from illnesses, and their wounds might take time to heal. Besides, they'll feel weaker or tired most of the time. 

It is important to note that malnutrition can cause chronic complications if the situation isn't resolved quickly. So it's advisable to take them to a healthcare facility when you notice these signs. Through a medical examination, the doctor can confirm your suspicion and offer them the relevant treatment. The doctor's medical report will form a crucial part of evidence your lawyer will table before the insurance company to substantiate the claim. 

Feeding the elderly in a nursing home with a poor diet or small amounts of food is an offense. Therefore, you can sue the working staff or management of a senior citizen's home when you notice that your relative is malnourished.

Reach out to a nursing home abuse lawyer to investigate the incident, gather the information needed to prove negligence, and file a case against the wrongdoer.


15 August 2022

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