Here's Why You Should Hire A Defense An Attorney In Professional Dental License Disciplinary Proceedings


Being a dentist is one of the most satisfying professions, as it's always a good feeling knowing that you're responsible for better oral health among many people. On the other hand, it's a career that takes many years to build as one has to complete undergraduate education and then go to a dental school before being registered by their state's and national dental boards. It can be a painful experience and a waste of years of study to lose your practice license over allegations of professional misconduct or malpractice. Therefore you should have an attorney representation in such hearings. This piece is an overview of allegations that can threaten your professional dental license and ways a defense attorney can help with your case. 

What Allegations Can Cause Cancellation of Professional Dental License? 

The following are common allegations or cases that can result in your dental practice license cancellation. 

Complaint of Unethical Professional Conduct 

Unethical professional conduct refers to unnecessary actions and procedures while performing your dental duties. Examples of such actions include overbilling or presenting incorrect information, such as exaggerated treatment days, to assist a patient in getting additional benefits from their medical plan. They also include providing unnecessary services to increase bills, failing to disclose conflict of interest when providing professional advice or information, and using unauthorized treatment methods. 

Allegations of Breach of Duty of Care

Like any other medical personnel, dentists must demonstrate the highest level of care to prevent patient harm. Breach of duty of care can result in a disciplinary hearing. And depending on the gravity and the circumstances surrounding the facts, your license might be revoked. An example of such a case may be when a patient suffers further injuries or dies because of a misdiagnosis, wrong treatment procedures, or an overdose. 

Ongoing Criminal Investigations or Cases 

Criminal investigations can threaten your dental practice license depending on the gravity of the offenses and the impact on public perception and reputation of the dental board and other colleagues. Examples of such include charges on felonies that attract long-term prison sentences and evoke high public emotions such as murder.  

How Can a Dental License Defense Attorney Help?

Dental license defense attorneys are lawyers with professional training and experience to represent dentists in administrative disciplinary proceedings relating to the revocation or renewal of their practice license. They analyze the facts of your case and prepare a defense to prevent the cancellation of your license. For instance, if you're facing a breach of duty of care allegation, they can help you make arguments and provide evidence that you followed all the required procedures and acted in good faith when delivering your services and that the alleged misdiagnosis or death wasn't based on your actions or omissions. They can also help file appeals following an unsatisfactory disciplinary decision and petition for reinstatement. 

For more information about dental license defense, contact an attorney.


6 January 2023

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