Injured in an Accident with a Semi? Defective Equipment and Human Error May Have Combined


Semi-trucks are not just big trucks - they're incredibly complicated vehicles that require a tremendous amount of care in order to remain safely operable. If you've been injured in an accident involving a semi, defective equipment may be as much at fault as human error. Here's what you should know. Half of All Semi-Trucks Involved in Accidents Have Mechanical Issues Studies show that at least half of semi-trucks involved in accidents have mechanical issues and almost one-third should have been taken out of service because of the mechanical problems prior to the accident.

5 May 2015

How to Handle a Dispute over a Non-Compete Agreement


If a previous employee left your company and started a similar business on his own, this new business might become one of your biggest competitors. Now, if this employee had signed a non-compete agreement, you may have the legal right to stop him from operating his business. Merely asking this person to stop what he is doing may not be enough to convince him, though, but hiring a lawyer for commercial litigation may help.

29 April 2015