How To Take Charge Of Your Personal Injury Case


When you are involved in a personal injury case, you will not want to simply allow your case to go on autopilot. If you are negotiating with an insurance provider or the party responsible for your injuries, they will try to offer the lowest settlement offer possible. However, if you take charge of your personal injury case, you'll be more likely to have a better outcome. Talk to Your Personal Injury Attorney

2 September 2021

How To Protect Your Estate From Fraudulent Misrepresentation


The purpose of a will is to make sure that the individual whom the will represents has their interests represented while following the law and making sure that the beneficiaries of the will receive what they are entitled to.  What Happens During Fraudulent Misrepresentation When you are the victim of fraudulent misrepresentation, another individual might attempt to trick you into changing your will. Even if you don't think you could be fooled, you will want to plan for a future when you are incapacitated due to a medical condition.

27 July 2021

Tips For Working With An Auto Accident Lawyer On Your Case


Legal cases can be pesky and cumbersome, which is why you need to get help from professionals that can assist you whenever you have a case that needs to be filed. Auto accidents are some of the most common forms of legal needs that will require the assistance of a lawyer. All areas of law are different, so it's important that you learn the ins and outs of working with an auto accident lawyer that is credible enough to assist you.

14 June 2021

Understanding What An Estate Is During Probate


The goal of a probate lawyer is to assist with the estate of an individual after they have passed away. But to understand what this job entails, it is important to understand what is considered an estate in the first place. Probate Estates An estate refers to assets that will pass under a will. They will go through the process of probate, which is nothing more than when they go through the process of the courts transferring assets from the deceased to the next generation.

23 April 2021

3 Emerging Problems In Personal Injury Law That Can Be Addressed By A Professional


The majority of personal injury cases such as car accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents among others are easy and straightforward to settle. However, as technology changes social setups, certain emergent issues are changing the practice.  For example, if a driver rammed into your vehicle after running a red light, the personal injury lawyer will simply have to prove that the reckless actions of the other motorist caused you physical injuries and damages.

29 September 2020

What COVID-Related Changes Are Coming To Illinois Workers' Compensation Laws?


Workers' compensation is designed to defray expenses and supplement lost income of someone who has been injured at work. But until recently, essential employees continuing to work during the COVID-19 pandemic could find it difficult to apply for and receive workers' compensation benefits for becoming ill at work. The Illinois legislature seeks to change this, recently approving a measure designed to significantly increase access to these benefits. Learn more about the changes slated to come to workers' compensation laws in Illinois.

26 May 2020

Understanding How Back Pay Affects Social Security Legal Help


It can take applicants a long time to be approved for Social Security benefits. The gap in time between the day you became too disabled to work and the date your benefits are approved can take quite a few months. All the while, you are dealing with a serious medical condition that prevents you from working at your job. You may have been advised to seek legal help if you want to get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

21 November 2019

What Do You Do If You Were Injured In A Car Accident As A Passenger?


When you are riding as a passenger in someone's car, you never assume you're going to be involved in an accident. But sometimes the worst happens — and there you are, an injured passenger. As a passenger, you don't have to worry about who will pay for repairs to the car, or who will fix any damaged property. But you do need to worry about your own medical bills and lost wages related to the accident.

22 September 2019

Why It's Important For You To Hire A DUI Attorney


If you have recently been charged with a DUI, you will want to make sure that you are taking the time to retain a DUI attorney. While it might be tempting to try to represent yourself in this case, especially if you feel as though you are truly innocent, it is not a good idea. You will want to review the following information for you to see just how important it is for you to hire a DUI attorney.

21 May 2019

Not Getting the Representation You Deserved? 4 Steps to Take If You Suspect Legal Malpractice


If you're facing a legal battle and you hire an attorney, you expect them to represent you to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, there are times when attorneys don't have their clients' best interests at heart. When that happens, legal malpractice may occur. Legal malpractice can turn your world upside down, especially if it results in severe damage to your case. If you suspect that you've been the victim of legal malpractice, you need to take action as quickly as possible.

19 April 2019